This was an excellent introduction to Christchurch. We arranged a tour for our first morning in Christchurch and I’m so glad we did! We have so many options for our days and we appreciate the city so my more. Our guide Riwai had an intimate knowledge of the city and its history and was so easy to talk to that even our teen was drawn into conversation. After the tour, we decided to continue our enjoyment of the downtown. Imagine when we mentioned we were going to Christchurch in other places in New Zealand and the natives suggested we skip it. I think those folks should take the tour and learn more about the heroic effort Christchurch has made and is still making to rebuild and reimagine itself. It might be our favorite city now because it is so spunky. Definitely do this tour if you can

Mary – USA

Excellent Introduction to Christchurch

Sehr empfehlenswerte Führung durch Christchurch – in kurzer Zeit habe ich einen super Überblick über die Stadt erhalten, alte und neue Sehenswürdigkeiten besucht und ein gutes Verständnis erhalten, wie das Erdbeben damals und heute beeinflusst. Cate‘s Mann hat die Führung gegeben. Er ist halb Maori, Feuerwehrmann und ist sehr gut auf meine individuellen Wünsche eingegangen – einen besseren Guide hätte ich mir nicht wünschen können! STRONG RECOMMENDATION FOR EVERYONE IN TOWN TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS VERY INTERESTING TOUR!

Malte – Germany

Recommend everyone does this interesting tour!

A wonderful heart warming experience. I had the pleasure of spending the morning with Cate’s lovely husband who is very passionate about their city “Christchurch” He told me all about the earthquake and how the city is rebuilding. He pointed out all the little details that only a local could know and took me to so many interesting places. It has made me want to come back again! Go ahead and book this tour you will not be disappointed.

Kerre – Australia

A wonderful heart warming experience.

Recommend to get the most out of this, do this tour right when you get to Christchurch to get your bearings and lay of the city. Riwai was our host for this tour and he was absolutely wonderful. Can’t say enough good things about this walking tour. Christchurch is a super walkable city, but having Riwai show us around provided a unique perspective on the city and see it through the eyes of a local and what they notice and appreciate/enjoy. Riwai was even willing to go take more time than advertised to show us more since the group wasn’t in a rush and there was more to see and it was super obvious that he enjoys his city and sharing it with others.

Bryan, USA

Provides a unique perspective

Die Führung mit Riwai war großartig. Wir waren eine ganz kleine Gruppe von 3 Personen und haben viel vom Zentrum gesehen. Riwai kennt seine Stadt in- und auswendig und liebt. Vieles, was er uns gezeigt hat, kannte ich noch nicht oder wäre achtlos daran vorbei gelaufen. Ich kann diese Tour jedem Gast in Christchurch sehr empfehlen!

Heidi – Germany

Die Führung mit Riwai war großartig!

Absolutely fantastic! We had such a great time with Riwai. He was super knowledgeable about the history and current events in Christchurch and spent extra time with us answering questions over lunch, coffee and excellent gelato. We learned more from our morning walk with Riwai than we would have after spending a week in Christchurch. Definitely the best way to start your stay in Christchurch. Highly recommended!

Shannon – USA

Absolutely Fantastic!

What a wonderful morning spent with a native Kiwi Maori Cantabrian! Riwai was warm hearted, knowledgeable and and catered to our entire family. Can’t think of a more perfect way to be introduced to Christchurch and its interesting history and culture. We loved the walking history tour which started with an epic hot chocolate and ended with a traditional kiwi burger and milkshake to satisfy our youngest son’s hungry appetite bucket list. Thank you Riwai for a delightful morning and wonderful conversation. Would highly recommend this tour many times over!

Belkis – USA

Would highly recommend this tour many times over!

Riwai was such a great host! We are so glad we did this tour! We had great company, great conversation, and learned so much about Christchurch we would have never known. He has a passion for his city and was so kind and hospitable. We had great coffee, and great food while walking around the city! He gave us recommendations for the rest of our stay here. I’d highly recommend this experience!

Kate – USA

We are so glad we did this tour!